Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links in articles on this blog are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something as a result of clicking on one of them, I may receive a  commission. Or I may not, depending upon how their system works.

This commission is at no cost to you, and I never recommend anything just for the sake of making a commission.

I only ever recommend products that I have used myself, and can vouch for personally. I never recommend anything that I wouldn’t be happy to recommend to my best friend, or to my mother. Not that she would have much use for it, but you get the principle.

My belief is that if your primary focus is on making money, you will not be successful. My focus is on helping people, and if I receive income in return then that’s all to the good.

Let’s face it, if there is an affiliate link available for a product I am recommending anyway, it would be silly not to use it. Especially as it allows me to bring all this good stuff to you for free.

If you have any questions about my affiliate policy (or anything else), please contact me.