Free Email List Building Course

Free email list building course

List Building: Why you MUST build an email list and how it will make you money

Here’s a shock for you:

Over 70% of people that leave your website will NEVER return. Gone for good. Unless you can capture their email address, you will never have another chance to speak to them.

If you get their email address however, you can speak to them any time you like. As often as you like. And for free.

Furthermore, your email list is the only marketing channel on the web that actually belongs to YOU.

  • Your Organic Search Engine traffic does not belong to you and can be taken away at any time.
  • Your Facebook traffic, Likes, and Pages do not belong to you and can be taken away at any time.
  • Your Paid Search traffic doesn’t belong to you and can be taken away at any time (plus it costs you money every time you use it).
  • Your website’s links from other people don’t belong to you and can be taken away at any time.

In fact there’s not a whole lot you can rely on out there.

Except your email list

What you will learn in this course:

  • Why building an email list is one of the most important things to do for your business or blog
  • The mechanism for getting new subscribers and building a relationship with them
  • What list building tools you need and how to set them up
  • How to create Opt-in forms that really work by using Pop Ups, Slide-ins and Lightboxes
  • How to get more subscribers — create a ‘Lead Magnet’
  • How to create an autoresponder sequence that builds a relationship for you
  • How to turn your subscribers into customers

All in a clear, simple, easy to follow format, delivered by a daily email into your inbox.

By the end of the course you will be able to setup your own email signup on your website or blog, create an autoresponder sequence that ‘warms up’ your subscribers, and use your email list to generate sales for your business.

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