How to start a WordPress Blog in 10 minutes

how to make a wordpress website

How to make a WordPress Blog

Do you want to make a website or blog with WordPress, but think it looks too complicated, or you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re unsure about how to do all the things like registering a domain, setting up WordPress, and getting your site up and running.

It’s really not that difficult, in fact you’ll be pleased to know you can do it all in about 10 minutes!

I’m going to show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, and even if you take it slowly, you will have your own WordPress website setup and live within the next hour.

Click here to start your WordPress blog (opens in another window), and then follow the tutorial below.

We’ll have you up and running in about 10 minutes!

Why use WordPress to make a website?

WordPress powers 23% of the websites in the world — over 60 million of them. Although it started out as blogging software, the huge variety of Themes and Plugins available now make it the first choice for creating many non-blog sites as well.

One of the main benefits is the ease of setting up and managing even big and complex websites yourself, without having to hire web designers to do it for you (and paying them every time you make a change!). It may appear a bit intimidating at first, but it’s actually really easy to create a website with WordPress.

This guide will show you how to make a WordPress website step by step in about 10 minutes or less.

What you will learn in this article

You’ll learn how to make a WordPress website from scratch — yes that’s right, starting with nothing.

I’m going to take you through the whole process of registering a Domain Name, setting up Hosting for your Website, installing WordPress, adding the Plugins you need to get started, and choosing a Theme which determines the appearance of your website.

The whole point of this guide is to be very quick and easy, so I’m not going to waste time with detailed explanations. I’ll just tell you what to do and how to do it. We’ve only got 10 minutes after all! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or just ask me.
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MOBE Review 2018

independent mobe review 2018

If you’ve been involved in the Internet Marketing world for any length of time (or even if you haven’t), then you’ve probably come across MOBE.

At the very least, you’ve probably heard some of the controversy — on the one hand there are people (lots of people) claiming to be making truly eye-watering amounts of money with MOBE, and on the other hand there are lots of people claiming it’s a scam, a pyramid scheme, or some other form of evil.

Both sides are making strong claims — which one is the truth?

Well, I am not a MOBE affiliate myself, but I know several people who are, and for this exercise I went undercover and shadowed a brand-new MOBE member to see EXACTLY what’s inside, how it all works, and if the claims are genuine.

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