UpViral Case Study: 1,057 leads in 7 days with £5 ad spend

upviral case study

If you’re an internet marketer, online entrepreneur, or blogger, getting new leads or email subscribers is the lifeblood of your business. It’s probably one of the most important things you do.

But it’s not just about getting new leads/subscribers, it’s about getting them profitably.

Of course, it’s not difficult to get new subscribers or leads. If you spend enough money, you can get thousands of them! Easily.

What you want though, is to get them at a low enough cost that you still make a profit

Or even better, get them for FREE (or pretty close to it)…

Do you like the sound of that?

I just tested a way of getting new leads very cheaply indeed (almost for free in fact), by using a Viral Giveaway Contest.

This is how I did it, the results I got, and what I learned.

You can use this case study to run your own viral contests, and generate your own targeted leads and subscribers at very low cost.

Just like I did. [Read More…]

ConvertKit vs AWeber – Why I switched and why you should too

convertkit vs aweber review

I’ve used and recommended AWeber for years. It’s been a solid platform, and it’s served me well.

But email marketing has moved on, and unfortunately AWeber hasn’t.

I want to do things now that AWeber simply can’t do, and this led me to look for an alternative email service.

One that offers state-of-the-art marketing automation functions, so I can really tailor my email campaigns to suit my readers’ interests and behaviours.

By doing this, I will serve my readers better by sending them emails that I know will interest them, and that will be relevant and helpful to them…

…instead of hitting them with things that only might interest them, which wastes their time and bores them. And ultimately makes them unsubscribe.

The improved relevance increases open rates, and subscriber retention rates, quite dramatically.

But most of all, addressing your subscribers’ individual interests and needs more precisely, means they read more, engage more, and ultimately buy more…

After looking at all of the email service providers in great detail (Infusionsoft, Drip, Active Campaign etc.), I eventually settled on ConvertKit as a likely candidate.

I’ve spent the last two months testing it, and most importantly, living with it day-to-day to see how it performs in a real-world situation.

I’m pleased to say it came out very well, and I’m now changing over to it.

It gives me all the advanced facilities I need, it’s easy to use, it’s well supported, and it costs only a little bit more than AWeber.

Why did I need to change from AWeber?

AWeber works very well if you just want to build email lists, setup autoresponder sequences, and send broadcasts. It’s cheap, pretty reliable, and straightforward to use.

But I want more…

It’s not 2010 any more.

I need to be able to tailor my email messages to my readers much more precisely. To be able to talk to them almost one-to-one, taking account of their interests and the actions they have taken.

Just like you would if you were talking to them face-to-face, and you knew their history.

That is the only way to do email marketing now. [Read More…]

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